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✭ Calendars for 2024

Sorry, all sold out now.
Many thanks to all my customers!
(In fact there may still be a few calendars lurking about unsold; please email me if you still want one for this year, I may be able to find some! Thanks.)

Wholesale enquiries welcome.

By the way, I’d love to know some more about the things that you use the calendar for, or why you like to be reminded of where the Moon is in her cycle, or what it is you particularly like about these calendars. A fisherman told me that when the Moon is full, his catch is better. A gardener friend of mine finds that her plants are affected by the Moon, and plants and prunes accordingly. I've heard from some people who go sailing, and use the calendar to help schedule their trips. I like to know when the high tides are, on the particular beach nearest where I live, and if I know the phase of the Moon that gives me a good enough clue, without going into all the detail of tide tables. I’m sure there are many other reasons too - please do let me know!

Selected stockists outside the U.K.:

These are the larger retailers/distributors of the calendars, outside the U.K. This information is given in good faith; however I’m not liable for any of their mistakes! Please email me if you want to know more or if any problems arise. Thanks.

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